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Mountain Path Kung Fu, Albuquerque, NM

Adaptive Kung Fu Classes and Training

We are pleased to share our Adaptive Kung Fu Training with the local community. This robust class offers an opportunity to train for all who wish to participate in our ancient art! This program offers a semi-private, family oriented training environment. Unique to this class, we often ask parents and family members to participate and offer as much of the curriculum to parents as we do to the students! We believe this allows our students to get as frequent practice as possible. Students and family are able to enjoy the same curriculum as is taught in our standard group so that all students in our school are truly a part of the same Ng Ga Kuen material and curriculum as has been taught for centuries. As a result of that consistency with tradition, our adaptive class places a particular focus on Qigong instruction interspersed within our Kung Fu in appropriate context. This offers a particular set of coping skills available to to both student, and parent.

Sifu Rob, Instructors and Students of the

Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy, Adaptive Kung Fu Training Group.

One of our Students upon earning his White Sash.

Thanks to all the hard work, that our Students, parents and instructors have been doing, this class has really taken off and is providing tremendous benefit to everyone associated!