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Mountain Path Kung Fu, Albuquerque, NM

One of the youngest styles of traditional Chinese Kung Fu, Choy Lay Fut is also widely considered to be one of the most powerful. Created in the 1820’s by Chan Heung, this thorough and robust system is regarded as using a scholarly and codified approach to the Martial Arts. Today there are 3 main “branches” of Choy Lay Fut: Chan Family, Bok Sing, and Hung Sing. There is a fourth sort of “firebrand” lineage which descends to us from the Wing Foon Monastery with intense focus on short, practical combative self-defense forms known as “San Sau.” Although Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy has strong roots in each branch of Choy Lay Fut, our focus is on the Hung Sing and Wing Foon Lineages and the combative San Sau comprise a significant portion of our curriculum.

While a robust fighting capability is not necessarily the overall purpose of Kung Fu, all Kung Fu maintains extraordinary self-defense qualities inherent to them. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than within the San Sau applications of Wing Foon, Choy Lay Fut. Designed as short, series of linked combinations with attention to logical responses to an opponent’s most probable attacks while maintaining a redundant capability to divert or prevent alternate attacks than those anticipated by the practitioner, San Sau’s present an immediately “deployable” response to attack which give the user the ability to then assess what action should occur next. As a veteran of the War in Iraq and a former Marine Corps Infantry Officer, Sifu Rob Bibeau has often drawn the parallel between San Sau and “Immediate Actions” which are a series of actions taken by a unit as a response to various types of enemy attack. The priniciples of maneuver warfare and those of self-defense should be the same and in the case of the San Sau of Wing Foon and Choy Lay Fut at large, they are. Thus, time spent training at Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy in the pursuit of a practical and capable self defense ability is time well spent!

Mountain Path Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy, Choy Lay Fut Lineage Chart of Sifu Rob Bibeau