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Mountain Path Kung Fu, Albuquerque, NM

Kung Fu Links

Healing Journey Project

A website created by Sifu Rob and Sigueng Mario Figueroa detailing Rob's recovery from combat injury in Iraq in 2008. Website includes a copy of the article "A Healing Journey" published in Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine in 2010.

Southern Five Chinese Boxing Academy

This is our "home school" and is a great resource for Mountain Path students or anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of the art so check it out. Better yet, if you are in their area, stop in and see them!

Veteran and Other Resources

Military Order of the Purple Heart (National)

If you were wounded, I really recommend checking out the Order. It's a great way to retain some of the camaraderie we enjoyed during our service. Not to mention that if you are a "Current War" recipient, the opportunity to share in fellowship with our "older brothers" from past wars and learn from their guidance and experience is a huge benefit in the process of readjusting after coming home.

Department of New Mexico Military Order of the Purple Heart

This is the website for the Military Order of the Purple Heart here locally in New Mexico.